Sunday Brewday

Brewing tomorrow. On the board:
* Wheat beer 5% mostly made from… wheat.
* Cream Ale 5.0%

I have only brewed one wheat beer before, and it was a WIT. The difference here is that with a wit beer, the yeast do all the work by providing flavor and such. You don’t have to be too picky about hop selection and such because the yest flavors will dominate. With a Wheat, the yeast don’t dominate the beer so much, so its up to me to make a careful selection of hops and malt and such to make it come out right. I’m shooting for a wheaty fruity tasting beer. I’m thinking Wheaties with and orange?

The cream ale is just a light lawnmower type beer. I’m using a different yeast than most so I hope it will come out with a characteristic signature that is unique, but quite tasty and refreshing. Something you would want to reach for after you have been sweating bullets pushing around a mower, or chopping down trees, gardening digging holes etc.

This will be the first attempt at this recipe since 1993.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Brewday

  1. Eric

    Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog via a post on the Fermentedly Challenged’s facebook page. How’s that for roundabout? I saw that you’re planning a brewery on 49th St., which makes me happy, because I’ll be able to walk there from my office. Will you have a tap room? I review local eateries/breweries on my blog, so we’re likely to cross paths at some point. Good luck!


    1. jamie Post author

      Yes, I will have a taproom. I just got through installing the floor this past weekend. As soon as I get the buildout finished, perhaps you would like to come by for some pre-production beers and check it out?

  2. Rob

    If I get a sample of this, I might just be a little bit more generous with the $$. And by $$ I mean more free crap. I don’t have any money…just donations to help with the 5-star beer creation.

    I’ll bring kegs…



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