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Fish and Chips at J Wells

This Friday November 22nd, come enjoy fish and chips by Herloom food truck while enjoying a proper pint of Defiance, a true British bitter.

Defiance is a hand pulled beer, naturally carbonated and keg conditioned. I use Marris Otter malt and East Kent Golding hops to give it that distinctive British profile. A true real ale!

Hop Haze release party

Dry hopped hop haze is on tap! Come on down to J Wells Brewery October 25 2013 for free samples of Hop Haze, Food, friends and conversation! If you haven’t tried Hop Haze, now is your chance.


Hop Haze is an Imperial India Pale Ale at 9%. A balanced malty IPA at 120 International bitterness units.



Sunday Brewday

Brewing tomorrow. On the board:
* Wheat beer 5% mostly made from… wheat.
* Cream Ale 5.0%

I have only brewed one wheat beer before, and it was a WIT. The difference here is that with a wit beer, the yeast do all the work by providing flavor and such. You don’t have to be too picky about hop selection and such because the yest flavors will dominate. With a Wheat, the yeast don’t dominate the beer so much, so its up to me to make a careful selection of hops and malt and such to make it come out right. I’m shooting for a wheaty fruity tasting beer. I’m thinking Wheaties with and orange?

The cream ale is just a light lawnmower type beer. I’m using a different yeast than most so I hope it will come out with a characteristic signature that is unique, but quite tasty and refreshing. Something you would want to reach for after you have been sweating bullets pushing around a mower, or chopping down trees, gardening digging holes etc.

This will be the first attempt at this recipe since 1993.

The Brewery

ah, this is where all the magic happens. All total it cost around $1300 to purchase the parts, consisting of:

  • 55 gallon stainless steel drum $300 from ebay
  • 50 feet of angle iron (1″ and 2″) about $60 from home depot
  • 1 55 gallon HDPE drum (blue) $55 from Colorado Zero Waste
  • 1 55 gallon HDPE drum (white) $15 from Colorado Zero Waste
  • 1 chugger pump, $120 from pumps for less
  • 1 march pump $220 ish from
  • 1 60 plate chiller $60 from
  • 1 30 plate (12″X24″) $400 from somewhere i cant remember, but has the same one
  • a bunch of copper and fittings, sodder, flux etc from home depot $100
  • water heater blanket from homedepot for hot liquor tun

Labor was extensive. If I had to do it again, I would have bought a false bottom for the Mash tun, and skipped the smallish 55 gallon hot liquor tank. Because I double or triple batch, I need a bigger HLT.


I may have the space!

I have been working on getting a location for the brewery at 6549 49th street in Boulder Colorado for a little over a month. I will be modifying it significantly to add some floor drains, vent the kettles, add a fermentation room and such. Plenty of room for my small 1.5bbl kettle. It also has a small porch area for seating, in addition to a bathroom. I cant wait!


We sent in the fifth offer on the unit yesterday. I should hear back from him in a couple of days.

Start small, aim high

I’m starting a nano brewery in Boulder Colorado. I’m talking to landlords now hoping to get this off the ground. I have been saving and planning for about 3 years, and I am nearly there. Over the next few days I will update this site with my equipment and steps I took to get here. I hope that some folks find this useful.